Fred Hill - CEO

A life-long Monroe resident, Fred Hill was born into his career through the family business, Home Appliance & TV, started by his father in 1953. Fred became owner and CEO of the company in1971 and after undergoing several name and location changes the company eventually became Skent N Dent Appliance Outlet. Still owned and operated by Fred and his family, Skent N Dent focuses on bringing its customers affordable, quality products with nothing less than exceptional customer service.

Pam Hill - Vice President

Pam Hill is co-owner of Skent N Dent Appliance Outlet and Fred's assistant. She is a lifelong resident of Monroe and in the beginning assisted Fred with the business while raising their three children. After the kids were grown she worked at local TV station KNOE for 21 years and her involvement with the business was more limited. After retiring from KNOE Pam once again returned to the business and now assists Fred with day to day operations.

Stevie Hill - Hillco Manager

Stevie Hill, Fred's son started working in the business as a teenager doing odd jobs and delivering appliances. As co-owner Stevie oversees all aspects of their businesses but his primary focus is on their rental properties which consists of apartment complexes and houses in the Monroe/West Monroe area.

Devin Hill - Shreveport Manager

Devin Hill is Fred's grandson and has been with the business since he was a teenager when he started by sweeping floors and delivering appliances. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the business but his primary focus is with Skent N Dent Shreveport which opened in the fall of 2013 and is growing every month.

Kelly Hill - Chief Financial Officer

Kelly Hill is co-owner of Skent N Dent Stevie's wife. She has been with the company for a short time and is doing a phenomenal job. Everybody just loves her. She has been in Accounting most of her grown life and is very aware of how this business is ran. Kudo's Kelly !

Jeff Patterson - SND Manager

Jeff is the manager of Skent N’ Dent Appliance Outlet; he has been in the appliance industry for over 30 years, and has been with Skent N’ Dent for 11 years. He is responsible for ordering, pricing and selling all appliances, and can answer any questions about Skent N’ Dent appliances.

William Dickens - General Manager

William is the General Manager and a Skent N’ Dent sales associate, and has been in the appliance industry for 21 years. He has been with Skent N’ Dent for 10 years, and is extremely knowledgeable on all brands Skent N’ Dent carries.