Office Workers

Sandra Trichell

Sandra is the Skent N’ Dent office manager, and has been with the company for 20 years. Sandra is responsible for all accounting matters and is Fred’s “right hand (wo)man”

Dorothy Ellard

Dorothy has been with Skent N’ Dent for 10 years, and assists in the accounting department and handles all warranty paperwork.

Patience Coon

Patience is our Customer Service Manager. You might speak with her if you call Skent N’ Dent for an appliance repair. She is responsible for getting the technicians routes done each day.

Steve Norris

Steve is a Customer Service Representative (CSR) and has been with Skent N’ Dent for 10 years. He works in the warehouse/sales area to greet and assist Skent N Dent customers with their purchases.

Tom Sanders

Tom is a Customer Service Representative. A CSR is who you speak to when calling for an appliance repair. Tom coordinates our service calls with the technicians who perform the service.

Bill Blackwell

Bill is Skent N’ Dent’s in-house IT expert. If it has anything to do with a computer, Bill can fix it, install it, or program it! Bill has been with Skent N’ Dent for 13 years.