Service Techs

Harley Primm, Warehouse Manager

Harley is an experienced, PlusOne certified appliance technician who makes service calls to our customer’s homes.  He has been in the appliance business for over 30 years and previously owned his own service company before joining our team in 2019.  Skent N’ Dent's technicians provide service calls in Monroe and to an 80-mile radius around Monroe.

Joey Swaggart,  Service Tech

Joey is one of the top technicians for Skent N’ Dent and Home Appliance Service team. He oversees the technicians who make service calls, as well as service work performed in-house. Joey is an experienced, PlusOne certified appliance service technician, has many years experience in the business and has been with Skent N’ Dent for over 20 years.

Derrick Bedenbender, Service Tech

Derrick is our newest service tech. Formally the assistant warehouse manager. He is Plus One certified for the field.

Greg Sanford, Service Tech

Greg is one of our newest service techs.

Andrew Holcomb, Service Tech

Andrew just came onboard. Very experienced technician. We have high hopes for Andrew !